All About ‘Espresso’

Pouring hot espresso

Coffee is considered to be a language in itself. Indeed, the list is not ending: mocha, cappuccino, iced coffee, espresso the list, etc. Without a doubt, the strongest word of this language is espresso.

Lovers of this form of coffee consider it to be “true coffee”, and that other forms are just imitations of it. As such, many people do not drink anything but espresso.

How is it Prepared?

It is only one kind of coffee and all forms are prepared from the same coffee beans. The main difference is hidden in the brewing process.

Indeed, nearly boiling water is passed through a bed of finely ground coffee at high pressure. Generally speaking, many espresso machines are fixed at a nine bar, producing a water pressure of 300 ft deep level.

How Different is it from Coffee?

Friends out for a coffee

In espresso, the volume of caffeine per unit of coffee is the greatest. However, since it is taken in small quantity, the overall caffeine intake is less than other coffees.

This variety of coffee is the base for different other kinds, like, for example, cappuccino, americano, affogato, breve, mocha, cafe con Hielo and so on.

Cappuccino, for example, is made of two ounces of espresso, mixed with two ounces of steamed milk and two ounces of cream milk. Cafe con Hielo, as its name suggests, is made from ice and 50 ml of espresso. Indeed, this name is of Spanish origin, where con means with and hielo means ice.

The Origin and Types

Espresso is of Italian origin and means to express. The direct and strong shot express true love for coffee. Moreover, several varieties of this kind of coffee are available.

For example, Doppo is a double shot with 60 ml of brew, Ristretto is a concentrated shot with less than one ounce, and macchiato is made from a dash of milk and cafe noisette, where two ounces of coffee is mixed with one ounce of steamed milk.

A cup of coffee

Espresso can be taken with or without sugar. Extreme coffee lovers generally drink it without any sugar. However, if you are trying it for the first time, we advise you to keep some milk and sugar handy just in case.