All About Peaberry Coffee

Peaberry coffee, or Caracolillo, has an inherent specialty in it. This speciality is that the beans of this coffee are two-sided, one fertilized and one that is not necessarily fertilized. Among all the coffee produced, almost 5% is Peaberry coffee.

Fascinating Facts About This Coffee

Cups of Coffee

It is believed that this type of coffee originated in Tanzania, and that in no time millions of people became addicted to it.

60% of People Like it

60% of people who drink coffee as an energy beverage use Peaberry coffee. The reason is that these people want to be recharged for the whole day and this type of coffee satisfy them.

It Was a Result of Gene Mutation

This type of coffee originally came into existence after a mutation that was a result of changes in environmental factors.

Always Has a Premium Value

Peaberry coffee always comes at a premium rate compared to other types of coffee. This is due to the mouth-watering taste these coffee beans give.

It Is a Result of Agro-Scientific Inventions

This coffee is the result of an Agro-scientific invention. We are sure that you have at least once, came across this type of coffee

It is One of the Most Preferred Beverage

Coffee with chantilly
  1. This type of coffee was first cultivated in the South African parts. This is the reason why its beans are highly prominent in countries like Kenya or Nigeria.
  2. Most of the time people complain that they cannot afford this coffee in their daily use as it is really expensive.
  3. However, there are numerous brands of coffee that offer Peaberry coffee at a much lower price in comparison to the typical one.
  4. With time, there have been drastic changes concerning coffee.

Next time you are about to go for coffee time, try Peaberry. You will certainly fall in love with it.

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