Arabica Coffee: The Mountain Coffee

Coffee connects people

It is said that God created the world in six days and that, on the seventh, the first word he said was coffee.  This might be just a myth but for coffee lovers, it is definitely true. The history of coffee dates back to 1000 BC and the first coffee found was Arabica coffee. It was cultivated from the mountains, explaining its name: The Mountain Coffee.

History of Arabica Coffee

3000 years ago, in the Kingdom of Kefa -today’s Ethiopia-, the Oromo tribes used to cultivate the beans, crushed them, and mixed them with fats to make small balls.

They used to eat them in order to get more energy for work. Around the 7th century, the beans arrived in Yemen and lower Arabia. In Yemen, the Arabs were the first to brew the coffee. With time, it spread all over the world and became one of the most loved drinks.

What is it Actually?

A splash of Arabica

The mountain coffee is made from beans of the Coffea Arabica, a berry-like plant. Also, it is the first coffee humans found in the wild. As such, Arabica is the worldwide dominant coffee.

Arabica and Robusta coffee control most of the commercial coffee production, and Arabica itself dominates almost 70% of production.

Taste of Arabica

Just as the mountains, its taste is light and airy. It has a little sweet flavor, with some hint of chocolate, nuts, and caramel. Moreover, in high-quality coffees, we can also find a hint of fruits and berries.

The acidity of Arabica is slight and pleasant with a hint of bitterness too. The flavor depends on the soil the coffee grows in. Indeed, cold brewing, for exmple, promotes sweet flavors to come out.

Arabica Producing Countries

Arabica coffee grows mainly around the Equator, in a tropical climate. Indeed, the largest coffee producing continents are South America and Africa. Brazil is the leading producer, followed by Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, India, and other countries.

Types of Arabica Coffee

The coffee arabica is a large family with different varieties. The most important ones are Typica (one of the best varieties of coffee), Bourbon (chocolate and fruit), Caturra, Capacitor, and Geisha.

Wake up to a cup of Arabica

Arabica coffee contains more sugar and more lipid, but less caffeine, compared to Robusta. It is a more acidic coffee in nature but a more popular one, explaining the fact that it is more expensive. When talking about coffee, we generally refer to Arabica. So, have you had your dose of Arabica today?