Dedicated to All Coffee Lovers

A coffee lover

Coffee has a wide following of lovers all over the world. In the United States, over 83% of the population consumes coffee.

This article follows the love of coffee through our culture, cinema, media, and our lives.


The coffee house has been an age-old concept in many countries. Starbucks or Hard Rock Cafe are popular places to hang out. All over Europe,and especially in Italy, people come for a cup of coffee even in small cafés.

It is a social gathering where ideas are exchanged. As such, coffee has become not only a part of our personal lives but of our social lives as well.


There is a huge market based on coffee lovers, like for example, t-shirts, pen, or coffee mugs.

Moreover, gifting a coffee mug to each other is a very common thing. The economy of coffee is huge, from farmers, carriers, and producers, to shops and clients.

Coffee in Popular Media

The popular coffee

Five out of ten movies will have a coffee scene. Think for example of the movie The Intern, where Robert DiNero goes out to bring coffees for everyone.

Movies like the Goodfellas, The Usual Suspects, or classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Pulp Fiction all have memorable coffee scenes. Coffee largely appears in songs as well.

Famous songs like The Coffee Song by Frank Sinatra, One More Cup Of Coffee by Bob Dylan, Coffee Time by Natalie Cole are few examples.

Famous Personalities

Reading while drinking coffee

Lots of personalities are coffee lovers. For example, Bach was a coffee lover and he even wrote a short opera on its obsession for coffee.

Beethoven is another name in the list of famous people who loved coffee. Benjamin Franklin used to hang out in the coffee shop to discuss ideas. Voltaire, Teddy Roosevelt, Napoleon Bonaparte as well as modern famous persons like Jackie Chan, Robert DiNero, Britney Spears are all well known for their love of coffee.