Facts About Coffee And Health

Coffee and Health

This delicious drink has many science-backed health benefits. After water, coffee is the most popular drink and has lots of energizing properties.

Coffee Health Benefits

Build your stamina with coffee

Coffee is best taken in its most organic form. Indeed, it is best to drink it pure, without adding too much sugar, fat, milk or syrups. Coffee is a fat-free drink that has no cholesterol and that is nutritionally rich. We listed for you the 6 most effective health benefits of coffee.

Keeps you stress-free

A Harvard study found that women who drink four or more cups of coffee a day are more than 20% less likely to become depressed. Indeed, caffeine has the power to fight depression. Another research on coffee revealed that even the smell of coffee can reduce tension.

Boost physical performance

Coffee is an amazing pre-workout supplement that can boost your physical performance. Let us briefly discuss its biological process.

When you consume coffee, it takes 35 to 40 minutes to get absorbed by your stomach and small intestine. Moreover, to get better performance, all you need is a constant supply of energy, which is done by fat oxidation.

After being absorbed, coffee breaks and triggers this fat oxidation. It makes breathing easy by opening up your lungs. Fat oxidation refers to the breaking down of fats and the releasing of free fatty acids into your bloodstream. Therefore, it is used as a primary fuel source.

A legal limitation of coffee has actually been set for sports morality as it can increase your performance by 11-12%.

Lowers the risk of Type II Diabetes

Nearly 300 million people in the world are diagnosed with diabetes.

A 4-year study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health reveals that the risk of Type II diabetes of people who increased their coffee intake by more than 1 cup a day, has been reduced by 11%.

About 20-67% of coffee drinkers are less likely to develop Type II diabetes.

Fights free radicals

Free radicals are unnecessary molecules produced in our body, that can cause serious damage. One of them is oxidative stress and can lead to damaging cells, premature aging and a number of diseases.

Oxidative stress can only be fought by adding rich anti-oxidants in your diet. Coffee is rich in anti-oxidants, and can thus fight free radicals.

Improves liver health

Coffee is known to be the best antidote to prevent alcohol-induced liver cirrhosis. Indeed, it excites cell regeneration while allowing the scar tissue in the liver to heal.

Natural Diuretic

Coffee is a great way to beat excess fluid and water retention in the body. Indeed, caffeine arouses the release of excess fluids and leave you leaner after every cup.

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