Fresh Coffee is the Best Coffee

A fresh cup of coffee

One of the first things many people want every morning is a cup of fresh coffee. But what makes a coffee fresh? What do people mean when they say that the most important factor of a cup of brew is freshness?

Here, we are discussing the freshness of coffee and its prerequisites.


The origin of coffee is not theses brownish beans we are all familiar with. Indeed, when seeds are cultivated, they come as berries. Coffee beans are actually seeding of the berries.

Coffee beans are cultivated, picked, dried, packaged and shipped in such a way that it has a deep impact on freshness. As the beans are kept longer, they get drier and start to lose flavors and taste. Therefore, the packing of the beans has a huge impact on their freshness.


Fresh Roast

In order to get fresh coffee, the time between brew and roasting should be from three to a maximum of fourteen days. There are different time spans for different types of coffee.

For espresso, for example, the waiting period is 5 to 7 days. For brewed coffee, it is three to five days. The first couple of days are needed to let the carbon dioxide gas escape and degas the coffee. Coffees that are sold fresh should be labeled with the roasting date on the container.


The grinding allows the aroma to spread. To get the best cup of fresh coffee, the grinding has to be done 15 to 20 minutes before actual brewing. That way, you will get the maximum of the aroma in your cup.

Storing the Purchased Coffee

Store The Coffee

You have to make sure that your coffee is cultivated, dried, packed and shipped well. Moreover, you have to properly store it to make sure to enjoy from its freshness in your next few cups as well.

It should not be in contact with oxygen. Also, it should be kept in a dry cool place, away from sunlight, and in a container in which air cannot pass. In any case, it has to be consumed up to two weeks after its opening.