History of Coffee Roasters

A light roast coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world and it has been so for ages. Coffee and coffee roasters were first discovered 3000 years ago in today’s Ethiopia.

From there, it came to Yemen and lower Arabia, where it was first brewed and got the name Coffee Arabica. The natural coffee is not the brownish powder or beans we are all so familiar with, but it is actually berries.

Indeed, the coffee beans are seeds that are cultivated, dried, roasted, grounded and brewed. Roasting is a very important step, done in coffee roasters.

Coffee Roast Types

There are three different types of roasting: light roast, medium roast, and dark roast. In the roasting process, the properties of coffee beans are changed as they are put through high temperature very quickly and then cooled very quickly.

The roast actually determines the aroma, sweetness, bitterness, acidity, and flavor of the coffee. The light roast has two different types: the Cinnamon Roast and the Light Roast. A light roasting process is done between 196 and 205 degree Celsius.

The medium roast has two types: the American Roast and the City roast, both done at 220 degree Celsius. Finally, the dark roast has four different subtypes: the full city roast, the French Roast, the Vienna Roast, and the Italian Roast.

A dark roasting process is done at a temperature level of 225 to 240 degree Celsius. Moreover, the color, aroma, water content, chemical composition, acidity and flavor, all depend on the type of roast. All of them are done in five different coffee roasters.

Different Types of Coffee Roasters

Dark roast beans

As discussed, there are five different types of roasters: drum roasters, centrifugal roasters, packed bed roasters, tangential roasters, and hot air roasters. However, only two of them are common.

The size varies among the roasters, depending on budget, production capacity, and other external factors. Moreover, different kinds of heat sources are used, including electricity, natural gas, wood or petroleum gas.

Coffee roasters can produce coffee in a batch process or in a continuous process. Drum roasters are very common and mostly produce roasted coffee beans in a batch process.

Cost of Coffee Roasters

A coffee with roasted beans

Price varies on different factors like, for example, the type of roaster and the size. Small commercial roasters cost around 300,000$. 3 kg models cost around 2,500,000 and 25 kg models cost up to 5,800,000$.

The coffee roaster is very important as the quality of the final product depends on it. Indeed, if your roasting process fails, so will your product. As such, this is a very important step, so take your time and do your research before purchasing a roaster.