Preparation of Coffee

Prepared coffee

Coffee is a beverage prepared from coffee beans. These beans are actually the seeds present inside the coffee fruits. However, it is not that simple and the preparation of coffee is a long process.

The Process

A delicious cup of coffee

Collection of Beans

After plucking the fruits, the seeds cannot be taken immediately. Moreover, there are two ways to remove the seeds:

  1. Dry Method: The fruits are sun-dried for weeks, until the moisture inside the fruits drops significantly. The seeds are then removed.
  2. Wet Method: The pulp of the fruits is removed, and seeds get immersed into water for one or two days. The seeds are then taken out and dried.

Hulling Process

The next step in the preparation of coffee is the hulling process. Here, the dried beans are husked by a hulling machine, removing the remaining parchment layer from the seeds. Then, the seeds are individually checked and the bad beans are removed. After this process is over, you obtain green beans.

Roasting Process

The green coffee beans are roasted to a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. When a fragment oil, called Caffeol, comes out of the beans, they become brown but not burnt, as they are continuously moved inside the machine. This is how we get the brown coffee.

The brown coffee beans are then ground to yield maximum flavor while brewing.

Grinding Coffee

You can buy ground brown coffee in the market for your personal consumption. According to your preference, the strength of the coffee depends on the amount of coffee that you stir inside your cup. Indeed, if you need a strong liquor, dissolve more grounds in your cup of coffee. On the contrary, if you need a light one, just immerse the requisite amount of grounds.

You can choose to prepare a black coffee and only add some grounds in the water, or you can choose to add milk. Moreover, you can drink your cup of coffee hot or cold. If you choose to drink it cold, you can also add ice cubes to it. 

Prepare Coffee As Per Your Choice

Prepared Coffee

There are numerous variations available in the preparation of coffee. However, the most popular one is Espresso. In order to prepare an espresso, you have to pour boiling water over coffee beans at high pressure.

We listed some other popular ones:

  • Caffe Americano – hot water is added to one shot of espresso.
  • Cappuccino – foamy milk poured over one shot of espresso, over a base of one shot of steamed milk.
  • Caffe Latte or Caffe Au Lait – frothy steamed milk is added to one shot of espresso
  • Flat White – Creamy steamed milk poured over one shot of espresso
  • Long Black – Two shot of espresso poured over hot water
  • Macchiato or Piccolo Latte – Foamy milk poured over one shot of espresso
  • Mochaccino – Caffe Latte topped with syrup or chocolate powder
  • Irish Coffee – Whiskey, sugar, and cream added to espresso.