Coffee Press Glass French Press

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This coffee press is suitable for making coffee and tea
It is safe and reliable to use in preparing cups of tea and coffee
With an elegant and sleek design that’s perfect for every household
Material: Stainless steel and glass / Capacity: 350ml
Dimension: 74 x 180mm
Package content: 1 x Coffee Press Glass French Press


Coffee Press Glass French Press

This coffee press is perfect for preparing your favorite coffee and tea. Take a sip of that delicious and aromatic coffee with the use of this coffee press. Drinking a cup of coffee has good benefits for our body. For one, it can help lower the risk of certain diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Likewise, as research shows, it increases the drinker’s fiber intake. It also can help reduce depression. There are quite a lot of researches now that prove the benefits of coffee drinking. As long as you drink the recommended cup to drink per day, then it has no harmful effect on your body.

Durable and Lightweight Design

For durability, this coffee press is made with heat-resistant glass stainless steel filter. Moreover, it has a lightweight design making it easy to use. And to bring elegance, it has a sleek transparent body design. Now, what more can you ask for with this french press? This is suitable to use not only in making coffee but also in preparing teas. Have a warm break with a cup of your favorite tea leaves and coffee by using this glass french press.

Easy to Use and Reliable

For your convenience, making coffee with this pot is easy. Just measure first your desired amount and fill it with hot water. Stir it first then steep or plunge the filter and press it to extract the flavor. Now you can taste that rich and flavorful taste that you want. Also, after every use, always keep it clean by washing it with water. It’s a simple and convenient way of making the perfect cup of coffee. Serve it to your friends or enjoy it by yourself. Moreover, it has a 350ml capacity. Enough to fill you up with your craving of that delicious hot drink.


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