The Best Coffee Grinders

Various type of coffee grinders

Coffee grinders grind and beat the coffee beans into small powdered form. There are varieties of coffee grinders in the market, but before jumping on that section, let’s briefly discuss the effects of grinding on a coffee bean.

Effects of Grinding

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The more you grind, the more heat your coffee will pick up. Indeed, as you ground a coffee, it will start picking up heat, and the final result of your coffee/espresso depends on it. For example, if you are grinding in a double shot, then the coffee will not pick up that much heat.

Static Charge

It is a sort of charge that is produced when you put the ground coffee into a receptacle. This phenomenon is caused by the high speed of grinding burrs. Moreover, it is advised to always go for high-speed grinders that produce static charge and add the needed heat to the freshly grounded coffee.

Grind size

This totally depends on the type of brewing machine you use. For example, an espresso needs very fine and powdered coffee to extract the necessary aroma and freshness. Different types of coffee machines require different sizes of a grind as mentioned below:

  • French Press: Very Coarse
  • Drip Coffee Machine: Coarse to Medium
  • Pour Over: Coarse
  • Siphon: Fine
  • Turkish Coffee machine: Extremely fine powder
  • Espresso Machines: Very fine powder

Burr and Blade Coffee Grinder

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Burr Grinders

You will get a very uniform sized coffee powder after grinding into a burr grinder. Burr Grinders are further divided into varieties: flat plate and conical.

Flat plate grinders have two parallel and equal rings built on the sides facing each other. On the other side, conical burr grinders have two cone-shaped burrs that crush the coffee in its finest form. Both types of grinders are flexible and quality oriented.

Blade Grinders

Blade grinders are known for making inconsistent coffee. It is similar to a propeller that will chop the coffee beans. The amount and size to grind depend on the user. Grind it more if you want fineness. These grinders are suitable for brewing machines that require coarse to medium coffee powder.

Difference Between High Speed and Low-Speed Grinders

You can choose high-speed or low-speed grinders.

  • High-speed grinders

High-speed grinders produce more heat. There is even an adjustability feature for customizing the heated portion. At the same time, a pretty consistent grind is offered.

  • Low-speed grinders

Low-speed burr grinders have the advantage to produce no or very little static charge. They are also very quiet and produce little heat.