Types of Coffee Beans

Coffee Seeds

One thing that intrigues coffee lovers around the world is the types of coffee beans. Indeed, coffee enterily depends on coffee beans.

There are numerous types of coffee beans across the world, cultivated by different methods. Generally, there are four main kinds of coffee beans.

Coffees have always been the most liked beverages in the world. If you are a coffee lover, you must know about the variety of coffee beans.

With the enhancement of technology and various other agricultural techniques, the taste of coffee has been taking a turn.

The Different Varieties

The four main types of coffee beans are:

  1. Arabica or Coffea Arabica
  2. Robusta or Coffea canephora
  3. Liberica or Coffea Liberica
  4. Excelsa or Coffea Excelsa

Main Features of the Beans

Dark Roast Beans


Arabica and Robusta are considered to be qualitatively superior. They are also more liked than the Liberia and Excelsa ones.

More than 60% of the coffee brands use the Arabica type of seed for their production process of coffee.

The arabica seeds are mainly grown on high altitudes and the plains that receive steady rainfall and are under shade. Indeed, those regions are most suitable for arabica seeds.


After Arabica, Robusta comes second in terms of the choice of coffee.

These beans have the potential to withstand any kind of environmental changes. Altitude, temperature, humidity and such factors do not matter much to the growth of these Robusta beans of coffee.

However, in order to yield good quality, Robusta cultivators must ensure a minimum humidity and a hot climate. The texture of the Robusta is very smooth and the seeds have low acidity.

Liberia & Excelsa

Light Roast Beans

The demand for both Liberia and Excelsa decreased probably because people had better options. Indeed, the trend indicates that the best types of coffee beans are Arabica and Robusta.

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