Types of Coffee

Note down the types of coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. That’s why so many different types of coffee are available in the market today.

Let us briefly discuss the various types of coffees.

Natural Distribution

There are more than 140 species of coffee plants found on the earth.

However, there are only two that are commercially worth mentioning: Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee. Indeed, these two take most shares of coffee production in the world. The coffee contains in arabica coffees is little less than Robusta coffees.

Types Based on the Preparation

Iced Coffee

There are two basic types of coffee based on preparation: espresso- prepared at high pressure by espresso machines-, and slowly boiled coffee.

Infused coffee is coffee where the hot liquid is passed slowly on the bed of roasted and ground coffee beans. It can be dripped or filtered.

There are also some techniques where water is boiled. These are using a percolator. Turkish coffee, for example, is boiled with water to get foamy coffee.

There is also coffee with milk, coffee with condensed milk, coffee mixed with tea and several other combinations.

Instant coffee is another loved variety. It is a drink that is processed to dehydrate it and get in the form of powder or granules. This powder is then rehydrated with hot water to create coffee. The taste and aroma are similar to conventional coffee but they are not identical.

Based on Caffeine Content

A magical brand of coffee

Coffee can be divided into two groups: regular coffee and decaf coffee. The caffeine level of Arabica and Robusta are respectively 97% and 99%. Decaf is actually regular coffee, where excess caffeine has been extracted by an extraction process.

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