We Can Get Coffee Everywhere

Coffee is everywhere

Coffee is a loved beverage all over the world. Indeed, it has a smoky taste that freshens the mind. Moreover, you can drink it hot or cold, so people drink it in both cold and warm countries. It can be prepared in various ways and you can find coffee everywhere.

You can stirr coffee with water, milk, or both. You can also add cream, sugar, syrup, chocolate powder, or even whiskey. However, although you can find coffee all over the world, it does not grow everywhere.

The Perfect Coffee

It suits the tropical as well as sub-tropical regions, where the rainfall is abundant, and the temperature is between 20 and 27 degrees. Moreover, coffee requires a hilly terrain, where it can grow in the shadow of other trees and where water does not stagnate.

Thermos Vacuum Heat Flask

There is also the need to keep the prepared coffee in some thermostatic flasks so that the beverage can be consumed at the preferred temperature. In this respect, the role of the “Thermos Vacuum Heat Flask” is significant.


Features of the thermos flask
  1. This thermos is made with pure stainless steel. It is also corrosion free.
  2. It is double-walled, vacuum-insulated and the lid has a silicone gasket which makes it air-tight. The temperature inside the flask can be maintained for long hours.
  3. This thermos comes in three sizes. The first one has a capacity of 350 ML, an average diameter of 7 cm, and a height of 22.5 cm.
  4. The second has a capacity of 500ML, an average diameter of 7cm, and a height of 26.5 cm. The last size has a capacity of one liter, a 9 cm diameter and a height of 32.5.
  5. The weight of these thermoses varies between 300 and 590 milligrams.
  6. They are portable so you can enjoy coffee everywhere.
  7. The thermos comes in four colors: Red, Blue, Black, and Silver.


  1. You can wash this thermos with hot or cold water.
  2. Fill it with water for proper insulation. Also, wash it and dry it after every use.


  1. Refrain from using steel wire or such cleaning material, as it will scratch the inner wall.
  2. Don’t keep any carbonated soft drink in the thermos for long because the acidity may affect the insulation and shorten the life span of the product.
  3. Refrain from keeping the thermos near any heat source as it can damage the insulation.

This Thermos Vacuum Heat Flask is durable, portable, properly insulated and can be easily maintained. As such, it is a perfect fit for coffee drinkers. Buy a Thermos Vacuum Heat Flask and enjoy coffee everywhere.

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